‘Astonishingly lithe, rhapsodic playing,’ the Strad – London

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Post confinement 2020 – Coronaproof performances

03.07.20 16:00│Plantentuin Meise (BE)│Edenwood Duo
30.07.20 16:00│Plantentuin Meise (BE)│cello solo

01.08.20 10:00│De Wandeling, Crematorium Uitzicht Kortrijk (BE)│cello solo
10.08.20 18:30│Les Tourelles, Le Crotoy (FR)│Edenwood Duo
11.08.20 18:30│Les Tourelles, Le Crotoy (FR)│Edenwood Duo

New Albums

Frederick Septimus Kelly: String Trio in B Minor
A world premiere recording made by Septimus Trio.

world premiere recording of Frederick Septimus Kelly's String Trio

Cloud and Mirrors, dedicated to the music of British composer Alan Charlton with Edenwood Duo’s rendition of his Sonata for Cello & Guitar, a world premiere recording produced by Rachel Smith and released by Et’Cetera Records.

Cloud and Mirrors - Alan Charlton

Edenwood Duo releases Another Place: click here for more info

“The album is an invitation to participate up-close in some of the truly beautiful, intimate moments that happen at the best of times in performances of chamber music.” Mark Buller, Earrelevant USA

St. George Quintet released its second album: Bohemia Express

Get on board of the Bohemia Express and discover some beautiful pages of the chamber music repertoire written by Czech composers Janáček, Dvořák & Suk.


The Strad recommends Bohemia Express

The Strad recommends St. George Quintet’s CD Bohemia Express in its 130th anniversary edition! Some quotes: The actual album is very fine indeed, presenting readings that shine with understanding and appreciation of the music’s folk influences, while not for a second losing sight of the quintet’s personal identity as polished classical musicians. Melodies sing with …

Musiq3 Live au Salon: Edenwood plays Omar

For Musiq3 Live au Salon, Edenwood Duo performs Omar by Giorgio Mirto from their confined home. During these difficult times of confinement due to the COVID19 Coronavirus pandemic, Musiq3, the Belgian National Radio, invites artists to broadcast performances from their homes. Edenwood Duo chose to give a performance of Omar, composed by Giorgio Mirto. It is …






01.08.20 10:00│De Wandeling, Crematorium Uitzicht Kortrijk (BE)│cello solo

30.07.20 16:00│Plantentuin Meise (BE)│cello solo
03.07.20 16:00│Plantentuin Meise (BE)│Edenwood Duo

COVID-19 Confinement

08.03.20 14:00 | Festival Kortrijk (BE) | Edenwood Duo

19.02.20 19:00 | Beeldenstorm, Anderlecht (BE) | St. George Quintet
15.02.20 19:00 | Schouwburg Kortrijk (BE) | 150 jaar Stedelijk Conservatorium
08.02.20 19:00 | Casa Veronica, Jette (BE) | Edenwood Duo

29.01.20 19:00 | Beeldenstorm, Anderlecht (BE) | Septimus Trio
18.01.20 15:00 | St. Mark’s Unit. Church, Edinburgh (UK) | Edenwood
12.01.20 11:00 | Hermitage Gantois, Lille (FR) | Septimus Trio
11.01.20 20:00 | Espace Garage, Ottignies (BE) | Septimus Trio
07.01.20 12:30 | PBA, Charleroi (BE) | Septimus Trio


21.12.19 17:00 | Beeldenstorm, Anderlecht (BE) | Edenwood Duo
17.12.19 13:00 | St. Martin in the Fields, London (UK) | St. George Quintet

15.11.19 20:00 | Kaléidoscope de la Guitare, CC Rixensart (BE) | Edenwood Duo
10.11.19  15:00 | Kolony Church, Wilhelminaoord (NL) | St. George Quintet

31.10.19 20:00 | St. Jacobs Church, Ypres (BE) | St. George Quintet
20.10.19 18:00 |Sint-Laurens Church, Ename (BE) | St. George Quintet
13.10.19 11:00 | Platformconcerten, Antwerp (BE) | Edenwood Duo
06.10.19 14:00 | Royal Academy of Music, London (UK) | Edenwood Duo

28.09.19 20:00 | Chapel S-C Lindthout, Brussels (BE) | Edenwood Duo