A most rewarding disc

On MusicWeb International, the CD Bohemia Express was very well received by Colin Clarke.

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Some quotes:

“What is impressive about this performance is the way the St. George Quintet treat the piece as integral within itself, handling it with the utmost care; it is Janáček’s own voice they honour.”

“In catalogue terms, the St. George Ensemble comes up against fierce opposition (Prazák, Škampa and Panocha Quartets to name but two region-specific ones) but manage to hold their own, not least because of their charm, heard in the contrasting sections of the Scherzo, where the outer sections have much dance-like vim to them. The slow movement, a Poco Andante, flows nicely here, in its latter stages punching well above its weight; of particular beauty is the way the St George ensemble phrases the descending, sighing phrases.”

“Diede Verpoest’s viola very moving in its solo line at the opening; the St. George Ensemble takes us on a remarkable emotional journey within a shot space of time. The ensemble’s tuning is impeccable; if pushed, it would be the Suk that I would identify as the disc’s highlight.”

Raving review on Earrelevant (USA)

…The two performers, guitarist Catherine Struys and cellist Wouter Vercruysse, display an easygoing musical relationship: their playing is assured, unhesitant, confident, and highly nuanced.
One thing the Edenwood Duo does well is to let the music speak for itself without letting themselves get in the way…


Overall, Another Place is a well-balanced program by a highly-assured duo. The recorded sound is very nicely done, showing the richness of the cello and the golden shimmer of the guitar. This is the benefit of such an album: it is an invitation to participate up-close in some of the truly beautiful, intimate moments that happen at the best of times in performances of chamber music.”

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