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The CD Light Blue (Etcetera KTC1724) is the second full album of Edenwood Duo after Another Place.

During the lockdowns of 2020 & 2021, guitarist Catherine Struys & cellist Wouter Vercruysse prepared and recorded Light Blue after several fruitful exchanges with all six composers who’s music is included in the album. All  pieces are originally written for the combination cello & guitar. The album is produced by Beeldenstorm VZW, Anderlecht.


Three works are especially written for the album Light Blue and are dedicated to the Edenwood Duo:

Episodics by Nathan Kolosko

Video captured during the recording session of the album Light Blue in Arsonic Mons.

Sérénade pour guitare et violoncelle by Nicolas Meunier

Canticum Maris by Armand Coeck

Light Blue by Giorgio Mirto

Catherine & Wouter borrowed the title Light Blue from the eponymous duo for cello & guitar written by Giorgio Mirto. Discover below the first of  three movements, Letters on the Table.

Playlist CD Light Blue – Edenwood Duo

Catherine Struys – classical guitar
Wouter Vercruysse – cello

Episodics (2021) – Nathan Kolosko (USA – °1975) – dedicated to Edenwood Duo – world premiere cd recording
01. Episodics I
02. Episodics II
03. Episodics III

04. Sérénade pour guitare et violoncelle (2020) – Nicolas Meunier (BEL – °1991) – dedicated to Edenwood Duo – world premiere cd recording

Light Blue (2017) – Giorgio Mirto (ITA – °1972)
05. I. Letters on the table
06. II. Intermezzo
07. III. Omar

08. Strings of Silence (2012) – Asgeir Aarøen (NOR – °1972)

Sonate pour guitare et violoncelle en quatre rêves (2019) – Mathias Duplessy (FRA – °1972)
09. I. Rêve Exalté
10. II. Rêve Mélancolique
11. III. Rêve Heureux
12. IV. Rêve Fou

13. Canticum Maris (2019) – Armand Coeck (BEL – °1941) – dedicated to Edenwood Duo – world premiere cd recording

Credits CD Light Blue – Edenwood Duo

Etcetera KTC1724 
sound engineer, editing & mastering Harry De Winde
recording & sound director Thomas Dieltjens
artistic direction Catherine Struys & Wouter Vercruysse
scouting music productions Herman Lemahieu
executive producer Etcetera Records Dirk De Greef
producer art-direction Beeldenstorm Nik Honinckx
production Beeldenstorm Centrum van Verbeelding –
recorded Salle ARSONIC (Mars asbl) on 15, 16 & 17th April 2021

CD booklet text, interviews & editing Tim De Backer
CD booklet translations Catherine Struys & Tim De Backer
art-direction & design Roman E. Jans
photography Isabelle Pateer

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