Video Premiere: Rêve Fou

Don’t miss the video premiere of Rêve Fou on Friday 26th November at 11:30 @ Edenwood Duo’s YouTube Channel.

Music by Mathias Duplessy
Guitar: Catherine Struys
Cello: Wouter Vercruysse
Filmed in full ADHD by Lars Konings.
Producer: Beeldenstorm VZW Anderlecht
Brussels Tour Guide: Wouter Vercruysse ;-D

From the album Light Blue ©2021 Et’Cetera Records: click here for more info

Excerpt from the interview with Mathias Duplessy by Tim De Backer:
Mathias Duplessy: “In this Rêve Fou, the guitar draws an ostinato landscape, and the raging cello will bring chaos to this setting. There is a very rocking feel and fierce atmosphere to this piece. Imagine Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s futuristic and rather dark film: a dream that becomes a nightmare.”

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