Serenade – Edenwood Duo

Tune in tonight at 8:30 pm UTC +1 on facebook or YouTube for a concert serenade with Edenwood Duo.

Get a glance of Edenwood’s new repertoire with music by Asgeir Aarøen & Giorgio Mirto. Also on the program, two world premieres: the Serenade of Nicolas Meunier and Canticum Maris of Armand Coeck. Furthermore, you can hear for the first time the cello & guitar version of Danza Nobile of Wilfried Westerlinck.

Stay safe and feel welcome to join later today!

Serenade – Edenwood Duo (duration ca. 25′)

Strings of Silence (2012) – Asgeir Aarøen (NO)
Letters on the table (2017) – Giorgio Mirto (IT)
Danza Nobile (2019) – Wilfried Westerlinck (BE)
Sérénade (2020 – world premiere) – Nicolas Meunier (BE)
Canticum Maris (2019 – world premiere) – Armand Coeck (BE)

Lars Konings – movie
Henk Waegebaert – sound
With the generous support of the Government of Flanders

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